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3 Reasons to Have Your Old Amalgam Fillings Replaced with Natural-Colored Fillings

Last updated 6 years ago

Today, there are a number of options available for filling teeth, including both gold and composite, tooth-colored fillings. However, a number of people have silver-colored amalgam fillings either because they are older fillings or that was the most cost-efficient option at the time. Many dentists now, though, recommend replacing amalgam fillings with natural-colored fillings and here are some of the reasons why:

1.  Aesthetics

While amalgam fillings are the convenient choice for many, they are easy to identify when the mouth is open for eating, yawning, or even talking. While it’s not uncommon to have fillings, tooth-colored fillings are more aesthetically pleasing for those concerned about the appearance of their smiles. These newer fillings are undetectable in the mouth, leaving you nothing to feel self-conscious about.


2.  Health

Recent studies have shown that the mercury contained in amalgam fillings can travel through the body, causing detriment to your health. Tooth-colored fillings are made out of a safe material and won’t affect the rest of your body or health, no matter how long you have the fillings in your mouth. Also, amalgam fillings tend to make teeth more sensitive to cold and hot, particularly if the individual is sensitive to metals.


3.  Strength

Natural-looking fillings are also sturdy, which means fewer visits to the dentist for repairs or replacements. The material is less prone to wear from everyday brushing and eating. Amalgam fillings suffer from wear and tear more easily, which could lead to gaps around the filling and a bigger cavity underneath of the filling.

Here at Central Park West Dentistry in New York, we encourage our patients to get their amalgam fillings replaced to preserve the health of their teeth and gums. If you are interested in getting your fillings replaced, then contact us by calling (212) 579-8885 or try visiting our website for more information.


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